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Personal Journey of Entrepreneurship from Member Alice

I’ve always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. When I was a child, I sold toys to my friends, cold beverages to my neighbours, and crafts to my family members. However, once I entered the business world, I quickly realized that I needed additional training to turn my dreams into reality.

I’m 25 years old now, and I just earned my Diploma of Business from a school with an excellent entrepreneurial program. I always enjoyed hearing stories of others who have found success in this field, so I wanted to take the time to share my story with others.

Entrepreneurs tend to have a lot in common. We love finding new solutions, we are creative, and we do not always want to play by the rules. Because of this, I started my journey without any formal education. I thought my first beauty product was sure to be success, so I created a large batch, built my website, and waited for the orders to roll in.

Of course, success does not usually come that easily, and I was no exception. Failing was hard, especially because I lost so much money that I needed to move back in with my parents for a couple of years. However, my entrepreneurial spirit just would not go away, and my mind was filled with new product ideas.


I knew that I needed to do some things differently this time, so I started looking for a mentor. After several tries, I located a woman who has built a successful business from the ground up in our city. She has done all this while raising a family, and I was thrilled when she agreed to meet with me.

One of the most important nuggets of wisdom I gained from that conversation was how much she emphasized education. She encouraged me to earn my Diploma of Business from The Entourage, and she let me know that learning lessons in the classroom would give me the tools I needed to succeed in the marketplace РI was also pleased to know that the qualification was approved by the Australian tertiary qualification authority.

Now that I have my degree, I realize that she was right. The classroom certainly can’t prepare you for everything, but I have a much stronger understanding of everything from marketing to accounting now. I also realized the importance of starting slowly. My newest product went up for sale online last month, and the sales numbers are steadily climbing. In addition, my product just went on the shelves in several stores in my area. I know that I’m just beginning my entrepreneurial journey, but I am so excited to see what lies ahead!